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15 September 2002


After six months, one week, five days, two real estate agents, 40 bucks in telephone calls, 412 fags, tremendous amounts of booze, one wooden panel and twelve minutes of hard yakka, the convent proudly announces: The hole in Rosi's wall is finally fixed! Please stand up to worship the Real Grandmaster!


02 August 2002


The first party with our new housemates. See the party bunch in the photo gallery!


18 July 2002


After four weeks on the road, I am finally back from the East Coast. Check out the pictures!


01 June 2002


Germany beats Saudi Arabia 8:0! Ireland, watch out!


30 May 2002 The Convent is famous all over Melbourne! Check out the article in the June issue of 'Expose', available at your university and in every good club. Please support this magazine!